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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Why I started this blog.

If your reading this, I bet your wondering why write about something as boring as being a student? Well I think sometimes it helps to change your thoughts into text and let others know what you think, feel and worry about. I hope that through this blog I will be able to help others with any doubts that they may have. I hope also to update and discuss what occurs in my life as I strive to achieve my goals (which in this case is to be a criminal barrister in England), no small feat in the current climate. Now I must point out that I am in my mid 20's having come to the law after a time spent in military service, this life experience is supposed to make me stand out from the crowd, but I still question myself daily and ask if I am on the right path. I am now a second year at one of the best universities in the UK, and have only just decided that I do find this subject to be fascinating, and would love to be at the pinnacle of the profession. I will admit right now that my first year was no great success and that I only achieved a 2:2 overall, though I should point out that I only attended 20% of the lectures and seminars (something I do not recommend as the catch up reading is a killer). What I worry about most is my accent and ability to speak before those who are supposed to be my peers, I mean I have not had trouble before this point, but now it will be expected of me to present myself to those of, lets just say better pedigree than myself. I come from a very working class family, and indeed I am the first to go to university. So of course, there is no expectation on my shoulders. Actually my family are supportive and pressure me in no way what so ever. Which I admit probably gives me an advantage over those younger than me. Ok, so now you know a little about me, I hope you will continue reading and i will try to post daily on all subjects relating to a Law (LLB).


  1. I just found your blog. Very interesting!

    I'd love to know more about the social class distinctions, particularly concerning accents. I'm from a southern state in the US, and the accent is a delicate balance. Here, one shouldn't speak too proper... it's a sign of being an outsider, and that is particularly detrimental before a jury. I would have thought a "working class" accent would appeal more to a jury, perhaps not in England?

    This (and Law & Order: UK) makes *me* want to be a barrister!

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